Pain Relief Is Music to Your Ears

Think about listening to your favorite song. How does it make you feel? Are you “carried away,” removed from the stress and strife of your daily existence for even a few precious minutes? It’s been said laugher is the best medicine, but laughter may have a companion therapy: music.

A review of studies suggests music reduces acute and chronic pain related to cancer and other pain-promoting health conditions. The review of nearly 100 studies conducted over a 20-year period and involving more than 9,000 participants found that, depending on the study, music therapy reduced pain intensity, emotional distress, and even use of pain medication.

music - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register MarkIn fact, according to several of the studies reviewed, exposure to music reduced self-reported pain intensity by a full point on a 0-10 pain scale compared to patients who received no music intervention.

So before you run to the drug store or reach into the medicine cabinet for a pain reliever, sit back, relax and push play. Your favorite songs may work wonders in reducing your pain and reduce (or completely eliminate) the need to take medication. Talk to your doctor for more information.
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