4 Perils of Poor Posture

Slump away at your desk, scrunch your shoulders to type another text message, bend and lift without protecting your back – what harm can it do? Actually, the health consequences of poor posture, whether temporary or chronic, are numerous and life-changing. Here’s a short list that will hopefully prompt you to stand / sit straight and tall from this point forward:

  • Pain: The No. 1 consequence of poor posture is pain, and it can manifest anywhere from the neck down to the low back / pelvis and even further.
  • Attitude: Try this quick test and you’ll immediately notice how poor posture can impact your attitude / mood: First, in a standing position, roll your shoulders in toward your chest, letting your spine “round.” How do you feel? Now do the opposite – expand your chest, pull back your shoulders and stand up tall. Which feels better? Which makes you feel confident, ready to take on the world?
  • Stress: Poor posture compresses your lungs / organs, leading to shallow breathing, which leads to stress. It makes perfect sense: What’s the first rule when you’re stressed out? Take a deep, full breath or two.
  • poor posture - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register MarkMajor health issues: Stress isn’t the only consequence of shallow breathing; reduced lung function means vital organs including the heart and brain don’t receive adequate oxygenated blood, especially over time. The long-term result: an increased risk of heart / cardiovascular disease.

How’s your posture? Have you checked it lately? Chances are you’re letting your posture slip – and negatively impacting your physical and mental well-being in the process. Your doctor of chiropractic can evaluate your posture and recommend strategies to have you standing straight and tall in no time.



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