Weight Gain Can Equal Pain

Obesity has been found to increase your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and that’s just to start. Even if your able to avoid these health risks a recent study reveals increased pain is a most likely result. According to the Journal of Pain, obesity coincides with lower body joint pain. 26.3% of obese participants reported joint pain at two sites; and 31.6% reported pain at three sites. Only 20% reported no joint pain.

In my practice, a very common question asked is “Do you think my weight has anything to do with my pain?”. I heard this so frequently I decided to research weight-loss programs to see if there was one that balanced effectiveness and convenience. As a result I became a coach for the Take Shape For Life program. A program recommended by over 20,000 physicians. If you would like additional information you can visit my website www.DrCarone.TSFL.com In the vast majority of cases, proper diet and consistent exercise will help you achieve long term weight-loss- not medication, surgical procedures or other quick fixes. Why? The latter may help you lose weight but does not address lifestyle issues that promote weight gain in the first place. Feel free to call my office if you have any questions.

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