A Not-So-Fun Day Off

In a recent study published in the journal Spine, employees suffering from chronic pain are more likely absent from work and more likely stay absent than employees not suffering from chronic pain. In the study population of 8,000 workers, chronic pain sufferes were significantly more likely to be absent from work one or more days: 20% more likely if suffering from neck pain and 22% more likely if suffering from lower back pain or headaches.

When tracking the natural history of spine pain (what happens when you do nothing), once you have an episode of spine pain the chances off re-occurrence are greater. So the conversation that is needed is not what fixes spine pain but what will decrease your chances of re-occurrence or what will manage symptoms for the long term. Chiropractic care has been shown to reduce the recovery time and reduce the re-occurrence rate without the harmful side effects associated with other treatments. HavingĀ one physician who can diagnose, treat andĀ provide self-management strategies all under one roof utilizing the latest in non-pharmacological and non-surgical techniques can be invaluable- especially when missing work is not an option!

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