Is It Worth The Risk?

Pain is a common experience of life. It lets us know if there is something dysfunctional in our bodies. Many of us turn to pain-relieving medications to help cope with this discomfort. The most common pain relievers are those classified as anti-inflammatories called NSAIDs which can be found over the counter or by prescription. Example of over the counter products are Motrin, Aleve, Advil etc. Most view these medications as harmless solutions to their pain. Unfortunately it has been found by the Food and Drug Administration that this is not the case. Recently the FDA strengthened an existing label warning on all NSAIDs noting that their use may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. This applies to both over the counter and prescription.

Medication for pain should always be a short term solution (when possible). In other words if their is an acute injury which will resolve in a short period of time it is understandable to use these products. But in the situation where the problem is chronic or re-occurs frequently utilizing these products as a long term solution carries serious risk. This is the reason people are flocking to pain management solutions that do not carry the same health risks. Chiropractic Management which includes manipulation, soft tissue therapy, exercise and nutrition has given people the pain relief they are looking for without the serious side effects. A testament to this is the use of Chiropractic in professional sports. Athletes who are under extreme physical stress need solutions that will not impede their ability to perform or jeopardize their health.

If you never tried Chiropractic for your pain, I strongly recommend you give it a try. Please feel free to call the office with any questions you may have.

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