Three Good Reasons to Limit Your TV time

As we continue to live in an advancing technological world it is becoming harder and harder to limit our TV exposure. From reality shows to video games to movies to surfing the web, we are spending more hours glued to the “boob tube”. The problem is unrestricted usage can lead to a number issues affecting our health. Here are 3 good reasons to shut the TV off:

  1. Becoming one with the couch: Every hour on the couch is another hour of inactivity which lowers your metabolism and increases the probability of weight gain. Studies show that people who spend more time watching TV spend less time exercising as compared to those who limit their TV time.
  2. Snacking: Most of us have developed the habit of snacking while we watch TV, usually with less healthy foods. The more time spent watching TV means more calories being consumed. Since most of our prime time watching is at night, we end up consuming more calories before bed which leads to more calories storage and developing weight-related health conditions like diabetes.
  3. Information overload: Evidence suggests that television can impact quality of sleep. In one way it overstimulates our brains making it more difficult to wind down and achieve deep sleep. Dozing on the couch is NOT the same as going to bed before you are exhausted having deep restorative uninterrupted sleep. Sleep is one of the most important factors in being healthy. The body recharges as well as repairs during this process.

Television is a great way to get information or relax after a demanding day but like anything in life it requires moderation.

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