Do Kids Need Omega 3?

No kid is a an absolute angel, but some seam to have more behavioral issues than others. Although behavior is a complex topic, there has been some recent evidence that nutrition may be part of the answer.

In the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry a study was published that divided children (ages 8-16) into two groups for comparison. One was given a fruit drink containing 1 gram of omega-3 fatty acid once daily for six months while the other received just the fruit drink at the same frequency. According to the findings, ” [there is] initial evidence that omega-3 supplementation can produce sustained reductions in externalizing and internalizing behavior problems.”

Interestingly, parents whose children took the omega-3 supplementation also showed improvements in their own anti-social/ aggressive behaviors, suggesting that improvements in the child will influence the behavior of the caregiver.

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