Ramp Up Your Run

Want to run faster, stronger – better? We all do. Whether you’re a runner or an athlete participating in one or more sports, the ability to run is essential. What’s the best way to “ramp up your run”? Interval training! Specifically, a recent study found that high-intensity interval training, in the form of a 15-minute stationary bike program, increases running speed over time.

For the study, researchers recruited 32 long-distance runners to perform a two-week stationary bike routine. Runners were divided into four groups for comparison: three training groups with varying amounts of rest between 10-second bike sprints (30 seconds, 80 seconds or 2 minutes) and a control group that did no interval training.

runner - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register MarkAfter two weeks, runners who completed the interval program with the shortest rest intervals (30 seconds) increased their running speed, while the other two runner groups did not change significantly. The control group recorded no speed improvement at all after two weeks.

High-intensity interval training isn’t just beneficial for running speed, of course; an increasing body of research suggests its effectiveness in burning fat and calories, reducing blood pressure and insulin sensitivity, and lowering cholesterol levels. Need more reasons to start your high-intensity interval training program today? We didn’t think so!

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