Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic headaches, otherwise known as tension headaches, is pain which originates in the neck or back of head, but ends up in the forehead or behind or around the eyes. The prevalence in ages 20-59 is similar to that of migraines.


Predisposing Activities:  

  • whiplash/car accident
  • neck injury
  • poor posture
  • stress
  • tight muscles

Predisposing Factors/Conditions:

  • females
  • intervertebral disc disease
  • facet joint arthritis


  • Typically diagnosed based on a medical history and physical examination only
  • In some cases MRI or other x-rays may also be performed

Treatment Options:

  • Chiropractic manipulation to restore joint motion
  • Trigger point therapy to the neck, shoulder blade and spinal musculature
  • Soft tissue therapy-myofascial therapy
  • Rehab to strengthen weak muscles caused by postural issues
  • Education to recognize triggers and modify perpetuating habits (ergonomic/postural/stress)

Cervicogenic headaches are 1 of the 3 most popular conditions that Carone Chiropractic Center of Chalfont treats. We look forward to giving you relief!

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