3 Reasons to See Your Chiropractor (Now More Than Ever)

Chiropractic wellness care has always been a critical element of health, but as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our lives – even as restrictions begin to ease – chiropractic is more essential than ever. Here are three reasons why you should be making an appointment (either in person or via telemedicine, depending on what’s available right now in your area) with your chiropractor today:

1. You’ve been ignoring pain: And you’re not the only one. With stay-at-home orders in place for the past few months, most health care facilities have closed their doors to all but emergency cases. Unfortunately, pain isn’t generally regarded as an emergency, particularly not things like back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc. At the same time pain services have been limited, more people have likely experienced pain, and for several reasons: stress, inactivity, improper remote work set-up, etc. That means many people have been putting up with pain – or popping pills for temporary relief that doesn’t address the underlying cause.

If you haven’t experienced any pain, you should still make an appointment with your chiropractor, especially if you have a history of back pain. That’s because research suggests maintenance care – periodic visits to your chiropractor, even when you aren’t experiencing pain –  reduces the number of days you’ll be bothered by the pain: nearly 13 fewer days a year.

2. Immune support matters: COVID-19 is opening people’s eyes to a few realities. First, your immune system is pretty powerful. In fact, it’s constantly defending the body against attack by all sorts of viruses and other invaders. Most of the time, it’s very good at its job. But if you’re old, sick or otherwise immunocompromised, you risk experiencing complications from viral invasion — as we’ve seen during the pandemic, and as we see with other viruses, such as the flu.

We’re also hearing more about how nutrition can help fortify your immune system against COVID-19, influenza and many diseases overall. Vitamin C and D, zinc and other nutrients have been shown in numerous studies to boost immunity and in some cases, directly reduce the risk of respiratory illness and complications. Fortunately, nutritional recommendations are part of comprehensive chiropractic wellness care. Your chiropractor’s job is to help unlock your body’s healing, defending, thriving potential, and nutrition is one way to do it.

3. Wellness care is here to stay: Even while the world waits for the next drugs and vaccines, your chiropractor is endorsing natural, drug-free care that helps embolden your body – that wonderful creation designed to continually fight off illness and disease if properly nourished and supported. Whether chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, exercise recommendations, stress reduction or sleep wellness, your DC can help set you on a course for lasting health and wellness.

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