Panera Bread Cleans Up

Panera Bread, on May 5th, published their  “No-No List” of ingredients that the chain will not use in their products. The list eliminates artificial colors, flavors and preservatives which are common in the food industry. ” The company estimated 85% of the menu items reformulated without the ingredients on its list are in test or have been rolled out nationally. Reworked items will continue to be introduced in advance of the 2016 deadline, according to the company.”

Eating fresh, whole, prepared at home meals is still the best nutrition practice to ensure the body gets what it needs to work at optimal health but it is encouraging to see large corporations making more of an effort to produce more healthier products and keeping the public interest in mind. So the next time you need to pick up a quick bite, remember Panera’s No-No list. You may NOT want to support companies that continue to use artificial ingredients, chemicals, etc.

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