Top 5 Unhelathy Habits of the Holidays

The year is winding down which means the Holiday season will be upon us. And like always it will test our will to be healthy. Unfortunately, this means the possibility of undoing all the hard work of the previous 10 months. Lets look at the 5 big mistakes that commonly occur:

1) Abandoning your routine: No one said eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep was easy. But adding shopping, gatherings and other responsibilities makes time management even harder. Don’t allow these other tasks to trump your routine. Stick to your schedule. It is not the time to “wing it”. If flying by the seat of your pants didn’t work during the beginning of the year, it certainly wont work  at the end.

2) Rationalizing why you “deserve” a treat: We all deserve to splurge once in a while (in moderation) but when we find ourselves taking the end of the year off because we were so good all year it is a recipe for disaster. Anytime we take all restraints off when eating it reinforces bad habits. Don’t forget sugar has been found to be as addictive as heroin.

3)Falling victim to “the blues”: the final months of the year can increase your risk of depression. It is called seasonal affective disorder which is characterized by depressive mood changes associated with shorter days, longer nights, less sunlight and colder weather. One solution is to get out for at least 15 minutes and take a walk. The sun exposure can boost your vitamin D levels which have been shown to fight depression. Supplementation will help as well.

4) Being too routine: I know it sounds like I am contradicting habit #1 but switching up your workout routine and healthy diet plan goes a long way. When your brain and body gets used to the same thing it leads to a diminished sense of achievement, boredom and stagnation. Mentally it causes you to jump off the wagon. Solution? Incorporate new exercises into your routine and try different healthy foods. This can make the difference in the holiday season!

5) Putting things off to 2015: Yes, the new year is right around the corner but it not a reason to put things off till January. Rather than your New Year’s resolution being a new start, let it be a continuation of a great thing. Remember health is not a goal, it is a lifestyle!

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