Five Ways To Fight Osteoporosis

As women age, the concern about bone health increases. One of the aging pitfalls many women try to avoid is osteoporosis, which is significant decline in bone mass. Osteoporosis is a serious health concern that should be top priority for many aging women. So, what can women do early on to avoid getting osteoporosis? Here are five tips that can help:

Take a Good Look At Your Sodium Intake

There seems to be a relationship between high sodium intake and bone loss, particularly for people with high blood pressure, according to many studies. Salt is known to increase the amount of calcium excreted in urine and sweat, which can lead to bone loss for people who do not get enough calcium. When you know your kidneys are excreting too much calcium, you should lower your salt intake and take into account this could very well be leading you to a higher chance of getting osteoporosis.

Don’t Drink Soda

Yes, soda can have a negative impact on your bone health. A high intake of cola—whether decaf, diet, or caffeinated — was linked to a greater risk of bone thinning in a large 2006 study. In addition to phospohrus, the authors of the 2006 study say that ingredients in cola extract could have a detrimental effect on bone health.

Soda also plays a role in weight gain, which can also lead to adverse effects on bone health as well. Look for other healthy alternatives when you reach out for something to drink, such as water or low calorie beverages with little to no sugar. Your bones will thank you.


Don’t Smoke

Not only is smoking bad for your lungs, it is also bad for your bones. Smoking can be hazardous to your health if you are looking to avoid osteoporosis. Bone health is put at risk with smoking, so stay away if you can.

Get More Calcium

Are you getting enough calcium? This is a critical thing to know if you are looking to avoid osteoporosis. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), adults should get 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily. And the recommendation goes up to 1,200 milligrams for women over 50 and men over 70.

If you are not into taking supplements to get your appropriate calcium, make sure to eat calcium rich foods that can help you stay bone healthy.

Have You Had Your Vitamin D Today?

When people think of vitamin D, they think of going outside and getting sunshine. It turns out that this might be a good idea for your bone health as well. Vitamin D helps the body absorb, retain, and use calcium. So, next time spend a little more time outdoors for some vitamin D or try a supplement that works for you.

If you are concerned about osteoporosis in your future, talk to your chiropractor about the status of your bone health today.

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