Baby Steps

When it comes to weight-loss and making healthy choices a movie comes into mind “What about Bob?” It stars Richard Dreyfuss who plays a psychologist who wrote a book called “Baby Steps”. The premise of his book is that changes in your life start with small actions. One must learn to walk before they can run hence the name baby steps. Mr. Dreyfuss has a patient named Bob played by Bill Murray who takes the book very literally and actually takes baby steps and would say things like “baby steps to the door or baby steps to the hall way”. As you can imagine this movie had a lot of humor, it also had a great message (at least I thought so). And that was change had to start with small choices which done repetitively lead to bigger and bigger change.


When I coach my clients on weight-loss many struggle with the day to day choices they face when it comes to eating food. Should or shouldn’t I eat that? Many find it very difficult to make the right choice. One needs to realize that each time you make a good choice it is a win in your corner. And these wins have a cumulative effect! The more you make, the easier it gets. You just need to get enough wins under your belt for it to snow ball.


People also like to stress about past and future choices. The only thing you need to focus on is the choice right in front of you in present time. Making good present time decisions is the only decision that will help change your situation. Dwelling on the past and worrying about the future only distract you from the now.


So how do you make a good decision? Conversations with yourself. In the book, Dr. A’s Healthy Habits, Dr. Anderson outlines a strategy called STOP-CHALLENGE-CHOOSE. The purpose is to stop your automatic responses and give yourself the opportunity to think about the decision you are going to make before you make it. You literally ask yourself “Will this help me reach my goals?” or “Is this in line with my plan”. By doing this you will give yourself the opportunity to make the best decision and ultimately take another baby step towards your lifestyle change.

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